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Yes, add-e is designed as an auxiliary drive in accordance with the applicable pedelec regulations. This means that the motor switches off automatically as soon as the pedalling motion is suspended. However, since the pedalling intensity is not specified, it is possible to let the e-motor do the majority of the work and just move the cranks visually in a relaxed manner.

Yes, the coating of the friction roller has been optimised in many tests for maximum power transmission. Even in pouring rain and soaking wet roads, add-e helps you get to your destination faster.

This question is highly dependent on the tyres used and the driving style. Basically, we recommend using high-quality tyres. With correct adjustment and 250 watts of drive power, you will not be able to measure increased wear. With up to 600 watts of motor power, the tyre will of course not last quite as long. For a 28″ tyre (trekking bike), our long-term testers change the tyre between three and 5000 km.

The best tyres are those with a continuous centre bridge, such as Schwalbe Hurricane or Marathon.
Studded tyres are also suitable if there is a continuous central web, but this has an effect on the noise development.

No, regenerative braking is not possible due to the design.

The add-e mounting kit includes a pedal crank sensor. This determines without contact whether the cranks are turning straight or not.

Yes, add-e is built according to the pedelec regulation EN 15194. However, different regulations apply for different countries and their road traffic licensing regulations. add-e is equipped with a "pedal assist sensor" as standard and is adapted to different country specifications (in terms of power and top speed) according to customer requirements. The Sport variant can also be limited by the customer to the permitted maximum speed of 25 km/h.

No, a pedelec is treated like a bicycle in this respect. However, different regulations apply in different countries. However, we generally recommend wearing a bicycle helmet.


Hier finden Sie unser Montagevideo

No, add-e has a sophisticated mechanism that makes it possible to completely decouple the friction roller from the drive train. This means that the bike can be ridden without the e-drive even though the add-e is fully mounted.
In special cases, the distance from the bottom bracket (and/or stand mount) is too far from the rear wheel. This is especially problematic with recumbents and chopper bikes. Press-fit bottom brackets and full suspension bikes (fullies) are also a problem. In these cases, mounting is only possible with considerably more effort. The original mounting material supplied can then only be used to a limited extent. If necessary, please contact our support. If the distance from the rear wheel to the mounting plate of the add-e changes, as is usually the case with rear wheel suspension, problems may also occur. If in doubt, please contact our service team.
Yes, the functional principle basically allows the use on every bicycle. BUT the standard mounting plate cannot always be used for this. For special frame shapes (see "When can I not use add-e?") we can currently only offer individual solutions. If in doubt, please always contact our service team first.
No, add-e is intended as a retrofit system that can be installed by the customer.

After initial installation, the drive unit can be removed from the mounting plate at any time. This only takes a few seconds.

Due to the functional principle of the friction roller, "smooth" tyres are best suited. These so-called slicks have no studs, are smooth-running and therefore ideal for city and light terrain. For those who ride more off-road and therefore need a coarser tread, we recommend using tyres like the Schwalbe Hurricane, with a continuous centre rib. Wider tyres also provide more suspension comfort and better power transmission between tyre and friction roller.

Yes, thanks to the modular system design, this is possible without any restrictions. The inexpensive mounting kit can be ordered separately and allows the drive unit to be used on any number of different bicycles.

Bottle battery

The actual range depends on many different factors. In particular, the human's own performance is a significant influencing factor. In practice, rarely more than 50 km are achieved with one battery charge. At high assistance levels and on steep terrain, the range is reduced considerably. However, since add-e does not cause any friction and only a minimal additional weight in the decoupled (off) state, full-day tours can also be ridden with only one battery charge. In this case, add-e is only ever used for a short time, for example to overcome a strenuous incline. Therefore, the question of range is difficult to answer and cannot be compared with the specifications of conventional e-bike drives.

A full charge with the original "travel charger" takes up to 3 hours. One speaks of a full charge when more than 95% of the possible capacity is exceeded. It can happen that another 1 hour is needed for the remaining 2 - 5% until the charging process is completed. This is quite normal and serves to maintain the battery. In principle, the cells are also capable of high current, which means that a full charge is possible in one hour with a powerful charger. However, we currently only offer the fast chargers on special request and do not stock them in our online shop.

A full charge costs about 4 cents.
(The water bottle battery in the add-e can store about 200 watt hours of energy. The cost for 1,000 watt hours is about 20 cents).

Ja, zusätzliche Trinkflaschen-Akkus können jederzeit erworben werden. 

The cell manufacturer guarantees 500 complete charging cycles. However, since the battery is rarely fully discharged and charged, this value increases significantly. In practice, even with daily use, you will only have a loss of maximum range (approx. 80%) after 2-3 years.

If the battery is not used for a longer period of time, e.g. during the winter, you should charge it at least halfway and store it in a cool place. Compared to conventional batteries, the self-discharge rate is very low, but you should check the charge level every three months at the latest and recharge if necessary.


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