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add-e for Brompton:


add-e stands for high quality. The cnc milled housing includes not only the power electronics and sensors but also the micro controller and the motor mounting. Despite the small dimensions add-e offers powerful support.
The battery is placed safely in an aluminium drinking bottle. The high current brand cells offer long driving pleasure, fast charging and high cycle stability.
A mounting kit specially designed for your Brompton allows fast and easy mounting without affecting the folding of the bike.

Drive unit:

This version of the engine has an power of 600W. Therefore the maximum speed of this version is about 45 km/h (28 mph).
You can select your engine output with 5 different settings on your bottle battery.

So you are able to drive with a small support (50W – first setting) to eradicate deficits when driving in a group for example, or to climb up easier on sharp rises (400W – fourth setting).

The true range depends on your supportsetting, your own performance and external influences. With permanently support you can reach ranges up to 50 km (31 miles) with one bottle battery. If you use the support only for a few rises or short sprints, a whole day trip can be reached with add-e as your enduring support, a relaxing matter. The Driveunit when switched off, does not have any friction and with a weight under 1 kg (2,2 pounds) there is no changing in your handling. The very small size of add-e (7x8x8cm or 2.76inch X 3.15inch X 3.15inch) makes it nearly invisible and has often lead to suprises.

Mounting kit:

The mounting of add-e on an Brompton folding bike is now even easier because of our new mounting kit. This kit was developed for Brompton  folding bikes.

Even the ability to fold your Brompton with add-e on it is keept.


add-e sets on understatement. For the first time the bottle battery really looks like drinking bottle. The solid aluminium case protects the high performance foil cells from mechanical damage. The integrated safety electronics ensures a long battery life and safe charging. The 160 Wh battery offers enough electric energy to run more than 2 hours in full support mode. At the time there is just one battery version with 22,2 Volt und 7.2 Ah offered for both versions of add-e (250W and sport 600W). Through the inovative modular system you can reach longer ranges very easy, if you take another bottle battery with you. Among the safety eletronics, also the ON/OFF Switch and the performance adjustment is part of the battery bottle. For performance adjustment, you can use the cap of the bottle and choose one of 5 different adjustments, also while driving.

  • till 50 km(31 miles) range
  • ON/OFF & performance adjustment
  • Weight 1 kg
  • highly efficient lithium cells
  • 22,2 Volt,  7.2 Ah
  • integrated safety electronics (BMS)
  • 160 Wh
  • we also offer a 200 Wh battery optionally


Solid and very light weight charger to go.
Fanless and therefor really silent.
Easy handling and clear charginglight.
Completely full charging of an add-e bottle battery under 3 hours.
50 Watt charging performance with the size of an cigarette box.
Can be used international and weights only 200 gramm (about 7 oz.).

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Weight 2.5 kg


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