add-e NEXT Mounting kit


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add-e NEXT mounting kit

add-e NEXT will be available from spring 2019, but can be preordered now.

If two or more bikes are upgraded, the additional mounting kit is ideal. Thus, only the battery and the drive unit can be exchanged between the bikes within a very short time.
add-e NEXT mounting kit is already supplied with the wireless Bluetooth sensors. Thus, the mounting of the add-e is even easier than before, no matter which chainring is installed on the bike.
Also included in the set are both mounting options:
Type 1 (bottom bracket mounting) is ideal for racing bikes, mountain bikes and many trekking bikes. The frames are standardized in the area of ​​the bottom bracket, which makes assembly extremely easy. In this case, the mounting plate is fixed quickly and securely over the bottom bracket cups.
Type 2 (stand mount) is ideal for city bikes and older bikes with a classic pole mount. In this variant, the mounting plate is screwed directly to the stand preparation. In addition, this version can also be used as a universal clamping plate for many special designs, and with the new Bluetooth sensors, the bottom bracket no longer needs to be opened.

Content mounting kit:

  • Battery holder with cable (special cable lengths available on request)
  • Mounting plate type 1 (bottom bracket)
  • Mounting plate type 2 (side stand mounting)
  • New: Bluetooth sensors
  • Adjustment tool
  • Weight: 200 g


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