add-e NEXT Lite Edition Brompton


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add-e NEXT Lite Brompton

This is a totally new generation of the smallest and lightest bicycle add-on kit, once again leading the way for the future in cycling. This set fits for Brompton folding bikes only.

add-e NEXT is better than his forerunner. Most modern technologies and the art of engineering made in Austria, makes this possible.

Drive unit:

Power:              max. 250 W
Speed:               bis max. 25 km/h
Weight:             800 g
Motor:               bürstenloser Synchronmotor (Außenläufer)
Dimensions:     7x8x8 cm (H/B/T)

Improved electronics
Significant noise reduction
Bluetooth sensors and even easier mounting

The drive unit allows choosing between 5 different power levels, which can be selected by twisting the cap of the battery bottle. This unique feature can help you to compensate differences when riding in a group (e.g. 50 watt-level 1) or when needed to overcome steep slopes (e.g. 200 watt-level 4). The effective range of a full battery charge depends on various factors such as the human power, the used bike but also on external influences

The new generation of add-e, add-e NEXT, does no longer struggle with screeching noise nor do we no longer use hall sensors with magnets which are limited in accuracy.

In the previous generations, add-e was limited by some basic conditions, like the computing power of the microcontroller and discontinuous sensor values for speed and cadence. Now we are doing a complete redesign, reinventing ourselves. The improved electronics will not only calculate the motor movement 1000 times faster but also power the motor in a consistent way that reduces the noise level nearly to zero. The new electronics using latest FET technology makes the whole drive much more efficient, especially when going up a hill with low speed but high motor power. Therefore add-e NEXT can assist much better when using the motor on steep slope.

The new Bluetooth sensors allow the unit to calculate the speed of the wheel continuously. Compared to the previous version where the magnet had to pass the sensor twice to calculate the wheel movement, this is much more accurate, enabling us to overcome the delay when starting from standstill situations.

An additional advantage of the new Bluetooth sensors is the easier mounting. From now on it does not matter which chain ring your bike has. The mounting not only easier but also faster and fits on every bike.

Included in the delivery:

  • add-e NEXT Drive Unit
  • add-e NEXT battery with 160 Wh or optional 200 Wh (for more information click here)
  • add-e NEXT battery charger including country specific charging cable (for more information click here)
  • add-e NEXT mounting kit for Brompton folding bikes incl. Bluetooth sensors (for more information click here)
  • Universal cage mount
Weight 2.5 kg


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