Add-on kit for your bicycle

You want to pedal on a grade with less power? Do you want to ride your bike faster without sweating? Do you think a common electric bicycle is too heavy?

Your solution is add-e. An add-on kit for your bicycle made in Europe. Convert your bicycle to an electric bike within seconds!

add-e consists of 3 parts – drive unit, battery and mounting kit.

Add-e stands out with fantastic, understated design and it’s little weight of 2,2 kg.

Advantages over a common electric bicycle:

  • cheaper
  • less weight
  • fit’s for nearly every bicycle
  • no resistance on riding your bike when add-e is turned off

Add-e is powerful and you can put it on/off very fast.


Advantages of add-e

  • fantastic, understated design
  • little weigth of 2,2 kg
  • fit’s nearly every bicycle 
  • no resistance on riding your bike when add-e is turned off
  • cheap mounting kit for putting add-e on various bikes
  • put on/off very fast
  • battery empty? Ride your bike as usual!


You can use add-e on nearly every bicycle and put it on/off within seconds.



add-e has 250W continuous power and 600W peak power as well as 50km range with one battery.


Little Weight

Add-e has very little weight – it’s overall weight is 2,2kg. Your remains flexible and agile.