add-e NEXT Mounting

The assembly of add-e is by means of the two supplied serial mounting plates
Easily possible on almost every bike.
You can attach the mounting kit yourself and do not have to make any changes to the bike.

Due to the different types of bicycles, mounting the mounting plate can vary from bike to bike.
Before starting with the installation, it should be determined which mounting option is suitable for your own bike.
For this purpose, basically two assembly variants described below are available.
Which variant is chosen depends on many factors such. B. course of the cables, space, bottom bracket models, etc.

German Video with English subtitle

German Video with English subtitle

German Video with English subtitle

Many videos for mounting, tips and tricks can also be found directly on our YouTube channel here!

add-e NEXT Mounting

add-e NEXT Montageanleitung (Deutsch, pdf, 2MB)

add-e NEXT Mounting Manual(Englisch, pdf, 2MB)

add-e NEXT Mounting video (English subtitle)

add-e Version 2018 Mounting

Installationshandbuch (Deutsch, pdf, 2 MB)

Mounting Manual (Englisch, pdf, 2 MB)

add-e Benutzerhandbuch (Deutsch, pdf, 0,2MB)

add-e Montagevideo V.2018 (English subtitle)

add-e für Brompton 2018 Montage

Installationshandbuch für Brompton Edition (Deutsch, pdf, 1,2 MB)

Mounting Manual for Brompton Edition (English, pdf, 1 MB)

Warranty / Repairs

Reparaturauftrag (Deutsch, pdf, 0,2 MB)

Customer Care Form (English, pdf, 0,2MB)